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Hi there!

If you use Dreamwidth Tools on Chrome and love it, but wish that when you click "Action Tag" or "Text Tag" you could just automatically have your cursor in the right place, this is the guide for you!

Instead of making my own extension, I'm going to guide you through installing a Chrome extension that let's you add code to any website you use, including Then I'll give you my script to do this cursor thing. Ready?

Step 1: Install Tampermonkey
Step 2: Navigate to your Tampermonkey scripts page

Click on the new Tampermonkey icon in your extensions bar

It should open up a dialog box like the one below. Click on "Dashboard."

Now you should be on your default scripts page, which should be empty. Click on icon in this screenshot to make a new script.

Step 3: Add my script!

The new script page looks like this:

Go ahead and delete all that code. You don't need it!

Instead, copy and paste everything in this textarea and paste it in there instead:

Finally, go to the upper left corner and click the save icon:

Congrats! You should be all set. Go to your next tag and try it out.

Date: 2017-06-17 06:59 pm (UTC)
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Yaaaayyyyy it works!

( You're amazing ♥ )